Managing Your Business Social Media Accounts Can Be a Full-Time Job and You Might Not Have the Time to Do It, but We Do!

Posting, sharing, answering comments, and direct messages of your different business social media accounts can be too hard to do when you at the same time have to manage your business. At Getlikes we offer social media management services in Calgary, so you don’t worry about it and focus on your business!


Creating and posting valuable, high-quality, and interesting content is key to attract the attention of your audience and potential customers. If you provide them with information that they want to know more about, for sure that they’ll keep reading. However, do you know how to find what to write about? We do and we would be happy to help you with yours!


After you have developed your content you need to share it on the main social media platforms. You need to know where, when, and how to share the content to maximize the value of your post. You might don’t know how to do it but for sure we do. Let us help you share your content in the right places and get the most out of it!


If you have posted and shared valuable, high-quality, and interesting content for sure that people will want to interact with you to know more. Response time and engagement are some things that people pay attention to when deciding to reply to one of your post. You might get overwhelmed with all the notifications but we can help!

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